Can You Say Improvement?

Improvement at It’s Finest

Our High School Cross Country Team has been continuously improving their 5K scores. Over the past few meets we have seen their mile time and 5K times improve consistently. See the results below.


5K ( 3.1 Miles):

Harrison Ragan’s Times

5K time of 21:20 @ Woodland Park.

5K time of 21.13 placing 10th @ East Hamilton.

5K time of 20:42 placing 44th out of 169 participants @ Wildwood.


Olivia Truelove’s Times

5K time of 24:20 @ Woodland Park.

5K time of 24.06 placing 8th out of 99 participants and she received a “Top 10” medal @ Wildwood.

5K time of  24.29 placing 2nd place @ East Hamilton.


Ember Mowery’s Times

5K time of 34.51 @ Woodland Park.

5K time of  31.18 @ Wildwood.


Collin Petty’s Times

5K time of 26.07 @ Woodland Park.

5K time of 25.13 @ Wildwood.

5K time of 25.00 placing 39th place at East Hamilton.