Monday, August 17th, 2020.


Message From Bob Ateca, Athletic Director:

The Athletic Department would like to officially welcome everyone back! Fall Sports have already begun and we are looking forward to our teams competing. Please log on to our Athletic Web page to find schedules of all our fall sports teams. We will also be sending out a weekly reminder of upcoming games for your convenience. Please note that most schools are limiting the capacity at games and pre-selling tickets. They also have gone to no cash being accepted on site. We have also attached a copy of the TSSAA Covid 19 guidelines for your review.

Please note that we have a few new guidelines and regulations at our home games that will need to be followed as well.

Home Game Guidelines & Regulations


1. Masks are required to be worn at all game sites.


2. Temperatures will be taken at each entry point. If your temperature exceeds 100.4 then you will not be able to participate in any sporting events.


3. Social Distancing is required in the stadium or gym.


4. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please do not attend: ● Fever ● Cough ● Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing ● Shaking chills ● Chest pain, pressure, or tightness with exercise ● Fatigue or difficulty with exercise ● Racing heart rate ● Unusual dizziness ● Loss of taste or smell ● Sore throat ● Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea ● Unusual rash or painful discoloration of fingers or toes


5. Tickets can be purchased by credit or deposit card at the gate. No cash will be accepted. We are working on an on-line ticket system and will let you know if when it is ready to launch.


6. Total capacity could be limited based on the venue.


7. Ticket and Passes

    1. Option 1 become a Golden Eagle Club member (this will ensure you get into each home game regardless of limited capacity)
    2. Option 2 Purchase individual tickets on line when available
    3. Option 3 Credit or Debit card at gate. (Subject to capacity based on pre-sold ticket.)


8. We will give priority tickets to all parents of players who are on the team.


-Bob Ateca

Athletic Director