Lady Golden Eagles Triumph over Lady Buccaneers

By: Daeana Barkubein

Last Friday’s Varsity Girls’ Basketball game held at Boyd Buchanan High School against Boyd’s Lady Buccaneers was a success for the Lady Golden Eagles, who played a close game but finally won with a score of 47-42. Though the Varsity Boys’ team did not win their game, both teams were encouraged by the many faculty members, parents, and students who came to support the Golden Eagles.

From the very beginning of their game, the Lady Golden Eagles were neck-and-neck with the Lady Bucs. This made for an exciting game as each team fought hard to gain and keep the upper hand. For the Lady Golden Eagles’ fans, a sense of security was not gained until the final minutes of the fourth quarter when the Girls’ Varsity team was up by a large enough margin for a win to be beyond doubt. Of course, the fans were not the only ones to feel the heat as the Lady Golden Eagles also felt the pressure to win.

“I feel more pressured when playing a close game rather than a game with a wide scoring margin because there is less room for mistakes in a low scoring game, and everything you do counts,” remarked senior Juliana Gonzales.

The Lady Golden Eagles will be facing the Lady Bucs again on January 31, and this time, the Girls’ Varsity team hopes that a home court advantage will help them clinch another win since the game will be held at Grace.

As basketball season continues, both the Girls’ and Boys’ Varsity Teams will continue to strive their hardest not only to win their games, but also to represent the school to the best of their ability, and to grow closer to each other and to God as they exude sportsmanship both on and off the court.