Student-Athletes Shine During 2019 Homecoming

By Daeana Barkubein

September 16-20 marked Grace Baptist Academy’s annual Alumni Homecoming which was highlighted by the High School Boys’ football game on Friday the 20th against Middle Tennessee Christian School. Many of Grace’s alumni were in attendance that evening, and though the Grace Golden Eagles lost by a margin of 35-0, everyone still enjoyed watching both the game and the presentation of the 2019 Homecoming Court.

Freshman Pierce Smith and Senior Justin Carter, both student-athletes on Grace’s football team, were elected by the student body as 2019 Homecoming Prince and King, respectively. Being student-athletes has already given Smith and Carter many opportunities to positively influence other students, and they plan to continue being good examples as Homecoming Prince and King.

“Being Homecoming King challenges me because I know all eyes are on me. I know that I have to be a leader and watch what I do because eyes are on me wherever I am,” said Carter in an interview.

Being a student athlete at Grace entails so much more than just representing the school during games. For student-athletes at Grace, true success is being able to make a difference not only on the field, but also around campus.

On the 27th, the High School Boys’ football team will be playing against Donelson Christian Academy, and the team has high hopes for the game.

“Our hope is to come out victorious and to play as a team,” Carter concluded. “We plan on winning the game by having all eleven players do their job when they’re on the field.”