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Golden Eagle Athletics is focused on building community at Grace Baptist Academy. Through athletics, student-athletes have the opportunity to develop skills, social behavior, and self-discipline. As a community we seek to support and promote the improvement and growth of our student-athletes by providing multiple opportunities across many grade levels for each of our Athletic Programs.
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Justin Carter C/O 2020

“Playing sports has shaped me into the person I am today. I never knew going out there on the field/court battling my your brothers would teach me so much. Playing beside many Godly Christian guys have helped me to grow in my faith tremendously . Grace athletics gave me community and friendships. It gave me mentors that challenged me mentally and physically to become a better man. Most importantly it gave me the opportunity to glorify God with the athletic ability he gave me.”

Juliana Gonzales C/O 2020 “GBA athletics has shaped my life by teaching me patience, hard work, team work, and more characteristics that I believe that sports has a big part in teaching. It has also given me a family and an outlet where I can express my self and feel heard.”

Jackson Smith C/O 2020

“Athletics played a giant role in my time here at GBA, and in that time I learned so much more than sports from my coaches. I learned a lot about life. It was amazing to be surrounded by coaches and other student athletes who have a passion for the game and care about who you are as an individual, and to know that they were your friends off the court as well. GBA athletics definitely helped me grow as an athlete and in my walk with Christ.”

Anna Rush C/O 2022

"The coaches at Grace are amazing. From the soccer field to the basketball court and back outside to the softball field, the coaches really care about your spiritual growth while training you to compete at the highest level. Grace athletics is where family can come together to achieve one common goal: to compete at the highest level and show the love of Christ through everything we do."


Tillman Smith C/O 2020

“Grace Athletics has changed my life forever from becoming a better man as well as a better player. The coaches poured into me the whole time I attended Grace. They made me into a better player by showing me different techniques and how to be a leader even when times were hard. All these things accredited to their experience from playing or coaching from the high school level all the way to the pros. The entire Grace staff taught me how to look to God, and grow into a young man with morals and respect for others . For this I will forever be grateful."


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